Quitting Sugar Update: Week 2

“… The more I read, the more convinced I am that we’re doing the right thing for our health. But to be honest, even our own experience of giving up sugar is convincing us anyway!”


Quitting Sugar Update: Week 1

“… If you had told me a few months ago that I’d give up sugar and not miss it, I’d have laughed. Because, well, seriously?! Never. Ever.”

And So It Begins…

“… We don’t want to make ourselves and our daughter fussy eaters. But we do want to aim for moderation, and at least cutting back on our previous intake of sugar.”


How I Ate Chocolate Cake Without Feeling Guilty

“… The main thing is swapping. Don’t starve yourself. When you are craving sweet, opt for a sugar-free treat or a savoury one.”


Sugar-Free Oreos (And Why I'm Eating Fat to Stay Thin)

Sugar-Free Oreos (And Why I’m Eating Fat to Stay Thin)

“… here’s a sugar-free recipe I have found to be tasty and filling (one of these was enough to see me through a sweet craving).


Homemade Winter LattesHomemade Winter Lattes

“… it can be tempting just to go to Starbucks rather than a more ethical choice, especially when you can smell their special lattes… But they are really easy to make at home!”



Healthier CroissantsHealthier Croissants

“… if you have a bit of time, patience, basic ingredients, and a desire to make your own healthier (and yummier) croissants, then give this a go.”



Technical Challenges: Final Week

“… In actual Bake Off conditions I would have been huddled in a corner of the tent, clutching a whisk and crying to myself. But with the relative comfort of my home, I found myself having a wonderful time week after week, and am eager to try again next year.”


MiMint & Spice Hot Choc Entremets - buttonnt & Spice Hot Chocolate Entremets

“… In creating these after-dinner treats, I was inspired by two things: After Eights, and the spiced hot chocolate I love so much when autumn colds draw in. They will somehow refresh and warm you from the inside out, and give you a little kick when you least expect it.”


Technical Challenges: Patisserie Week

“… Schichttorte certainly looked like a pretty terrifying cake. Fortunately, with plenty of time and a full recipe, it wasn’t as hard as it was for the contestants. Still, it was tough, and there were a few problems and disappointments.”


Technical Challenges: Advanced Dough Week

“… When I saw the contestants on Bake Off doing the technical challenge last Wednesday, I have to admit, I panicked a little. I knew the challenges would get harder and harder, but I couldn’t help but repeat: “I have to make that?” again and again as I watched it.”


Apple & Cinnamon Doughnuts


“… Having made chocolate-dipped lemon madeleines before, I couldn’t help but rise to the challenge! So my ring doughnuts became lemon & vanilla bean doughnuts with chocolate icing.”



CClaire's Eclairs - buttonlaire’s Eclairs

“… I had tried to make éclairs once before, soon after my French mother bought me a madeleine pan and an éclair one for Christmas. The madeleine one has been used many times, to much success. The eclair one, not so much, mostly because I got scared off after my first couple of attempts went terribly not so well.”


Technical Challenges: Pastry Week

“… I was amused to discover this week’s challenge was Kouign Amann. Although I am Parisian by birth, my mother’s family are proud Bretons, and I was delighted to find I would be baking something exclusive to that region.”


Technical Challenges: European Cakes Week

“… After thinking I might have a heart attack due to the amount of cream we ended up eating in dessert week, I decided to halve this recipe so we could eat it. Thank the Lord I did, because as I made it, I could feel my hips getting wider just looking at the amount of whipped cream it contained!”


Technical Challenges: Pies & Tarts Week

“… I was very happy with these – they don’t look amazing, but they certainly tasted it! As my husband described them: “this is the best dessert you’ve ever made.” High praise, I felt! :)”


Peach and Blackberry PiePeach & Blackberry Pie

“… I have a real fondness in my heart for peach pie. It’s my favourite dessert of all. I look forward to summer when peaches are in season and I can buy punnet upon punnet to store, make jam with, bake pies with, or just eat fresh out of the basket.”


Technical Challenges: Dessert Week

“… Tiramisu is one of my go-to favourite desserts to make (and eat!), but I’ve never made it as a cake before. Watching the contestants struggle with it made me slightly daunted by having to cut such a thin sponge horizontally in half!”

Technical Challenges: Bread Week

“… the smell of a loaf baking in the oven is a very evocative one. It carries pictures of bakeries on French streets, days off, therapy in kneading dough, Jesus breaking a loaf to share with His disciples, and above all, family. It is prayer, in the form of dough.”


Parma Ham, Rosemary & Olive FocacciaParma Ham, Rosemary & Olive Focaccia

“… Focaccia reminds me of summers in Italy, where my parents would regularly make it. One of the reasons I love making it is its versatility – it’s the kind of bread you can easily and lovingly top with your favourite flavours, whatever they may be.”


Technical Challenges: Biscuit Week

“… I fully expected this to be a challenge I wouldn’t succeed at. Biscuits are not my forte. But, surprisingly, not only did I manage to get these biscuits out in one piece and not cakey, but they actually had a good snap, and tasted yummy!”


“Challenge Accepted!”

“… my husband knows I love a challenge, and that I really want to improve my technical skills and performance under stress when it comes to baking. So, I have decided to give it my best shot, and to share my experiences of it on this blog.”


Freezer Cooking: Preparing for Baby

A post about the freezer cooking I did in preparation for the birth of our first child.


Chocolate & Coconut MadeleinesChocolate & Coconut Madeleines, and a Word on Coconut Oil

A healthier version of the soft, cakey French ‘biscuit’.




Chocolate & Bailey's TartChocolate & Bailey’s Tart (and Mini Fruit Pies)

My ‘speciality’, and a recipe for fruit pies/homemade pop tarts that uses up the leftover dough!



Strawberry and Almond CakeStrawberry & Almond Cake

A nice light spring/summer cake for the sunny days!



Cake au ChocolatCake au Chocolat

A twist on a classic French “goûter“.



Homemade Extracts: Vanilla & OrangeHomemade Extracts: Orange & Vanilla

Once you see how easy this is, you will never use shop-bought ones again!



What Does it Mean to be ‘Healthy’?

I get so confused by what different ‘experts’ tell us is the right way to eat, don’t you?


Sweet Tomato & Chilli RelishSweet Tomato & Chilli Relish

Such a delicious accompaniment to burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, cheese, and so much more!



Healthier Burger & Chips

This seems to be a favourite dish in so many countries, but is often so unhealthy – here’s a simple and healthier way to make them (in the time it would take to get to a drive-through!)


A Word About Wholefoods (Series)

There’s a lot of talk about ‘wholefoods’ as a way of life, but so many still do not know what it means. Here are a few thoughts, useful links and tips that I have picked up in my research over the last few years.

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