The Foundations of Our Marriage (Series): Communication

“… A breakdown in communication is a key element of many divorces, so it’s integral to marriage. But there are many things that can go wrong. So how do we keep our communication good?”


The Foundations of Our Marriage (Series): Natural Family Planning

“… There are many different methods, and if using it to avoid having children at a particular time, it is as effective than contraception. And if you’re trying to conceive? It’s the best method out there!”


The Foundations of Our Marriage (Series): Love

“… Love is greater than feelings. True love is completely selfless. It is sacrificial, and puts the other’s needs before our own. It does not demand that a person remains exactly the same in body, mind and spirit throughout their life, but accepts them always and deepens as that person changes.”

The Foundations of Our Marriage (Series): Introduction

“… my husband and I will be writing on these different ‘ingredients’ – the foundations of our marriage – over the coming weeks, to let you know a little of what makes it work.”


10 Things I’ve Learned From Motherhood

“… 1. To appreciate the little things. For instance, having a shower before noon is a luxury. Scrap that. Having a shower at all is a luxury.”

Baby Wiggles’ Birth Story

“She was born to a thunderstorm. As she let out her first cry, the heavens opened, and thunder roared the news of her arrival. For us as new parents, it felt appropriate. Our lives had changed. But not long before, we had thought that she might never come…”


To the Man I Married,

“Today marks 3 years since we started dating. It’s hard to believe both how quickly it has gone. Here we are, married, weeks away from meeting our first child. We’ve faced depression, unemployment, bereavement. Through it all, you have loved me…”


Our Family Manifesto

“…While in the process of reading Notes from a Blue Bike, I felt a need, a deep desire, to write. I grabbed my journal and asked God what He was speaking to me in that moment. And it poured out of me like honey.”

Motherhood is a Blessing

“… Motherhood is difficult. It’s probably the biggest sacrifice you’ll ever make. I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by mothers who tell me some different stories, too. They tell me about the laughter, the cuddles, the ‘only mum can fix this’ moments.”


“For Better, For Worse”

“… we worked through a lot together. We faced “worse” as well as enjoyed “better”. And so, when the bad times come (and they always do), we have a strong foundation on which to build. Because we have been there, and come out stronger than before.”

For Such a Time As This (Guest Post)

Come join me as I guest post over at “For Such a Time as This” on my desire to be a stay-at-home-mum and what being a 21st century Christian woman means to me.


Why We Refused the Screening Test for Down’s Syndrome

“… any child, is a blessing. And if they will be labelled by society as “different”, well then we will be twice blessed, as our experience of such children have taught us more love, compassion, and joy than any others.”


Happy New Year!

Some happy news to ring in the New Year.


‘Tis the Season

“… I love Christmas. I love the way people are. I love that once you cut through the ‘busyness’ and stress over presents and money, once you get past the frustration, you get a glimpse of what Christmas is really about.”

20 Things I’m Thankful For

Sharing some of the everyday grace and blessings in my life in celebration of Thanksgiving.

Why Marriage, Motherhood and Ministry Will Never Complete You

“… even though we hate to admit it to ourselves, most of us are desperately seeking one or more of those things in order that we may be complete. The problem is, it’s never enough.”


To My Dearest Husband

 “… Thank you for prioritizing date nights, and patiently encouraging my 101 schemes. Thank you for taking the bins out because you know I don’t like doing it. Thank you for tucking me into bed when I’m sick, for getting Gilmore Girls and chocolate.”


The Grace of the Everyday

“… we know that when we remain close to God, and when we let our commitment be what drives our marriage over feelings and pride, we find true peace and holiness.”

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