Five Minute Friday: Notice

“… But mostly, I just want to tell you: it’s going to be ok. You will be noticed. And you know what? You already are. God has you in His almighty hand, and He is holding on tight. He will never let you go.”

Five Minute Friday: Still

“… Noise. It clamours for my attention, pulling at my skirt, whining: “Please”. I try to tune it out, but it overwhelms me, burdening my tired soul. Then, just as I feel myself crumble, there it is. The still, small voice.”

Five Minute Friday: Turn

“… I learn from her daily, about love and life, play and joy. But above all, I learn about faith, about trust. About being dependent on God who is Our Father. Our Parent.”

Five Minute Friday: Dare

“… One year ago, I posted this. 200 posts and 370+ days later, here I am, still writing. And here you are, still reading. Life With Open Arms was years in the making. I kept putting it off and putting it off, seeking perfection before even trying. But I took a chance. I tried.”

Hope for *Those* Days

“… Last week was a long, hard week. The weekend got swallowed up in tears and grief and problems. Then life began munching away at the week too, and before I knew it it was Tuesday and I was on my knees on my kitchen floor, crying.”


Five Minute Friday: New

“… The horizon disappears in swirls of grey mist. The leaves scattered across my lawn are golden and gorgeous. The cold breeze reaches in the door and strokes my face. I shiver, but cannot bring myself to close it. The wonderful smell of autumn is in the air.”

A Thankful Heart

“… Sometimes we look at the pain in the world, and find ourselves crying out “why?” If God is good, then why do we hurt? I’ve been reading a book that’s changing me, scooping out the pain, replacing it with peace that comes from the book’s main message: choose thanks.”

Thoughts on Provision

“… We have decided to continue to tithe, and we’ve watched as the numbers tell us we should have eaten through our savings, the savings are still there – sometimes even increasing. But the amount doesn’t matter. What is amazing to us is God’s provision.”

Five Minute Friday: Nothing

“… “There is nothing you can do that will make me love you less.” Nothing separates me from His Love. Scriptures promise that. He whispers that to me so often. I may never completely understand it, but I am starting to accept it.”


Where My Steps Will Take Me

“… The more I learn, research, read, delve into, explore, the more I realize my need for God. In every area of my life, from marriage & parenting to blogging & art, I have come to realize that I can only do my little bit, and the rest is in His hands.”


Five Minute Friday: Close

“… Parenting truly is a long process of letting go. As my child grows up, they will learn to be more independent, and it’s my job to help them in that. To love and hold and breathe life into, to pray for and nourish and protect. But to let them go a little bit more everyday.”

Hearing His Voice

“Our unborn baby has been kicking more responsively. They kick excitedly when daddy speaks to him/her. They love his voice and get excited about hearing it, listening intently and leaning into it when it appears. It’s Baby’s favourite part of the day.”

Five Minute Friday: Grateful

“…Even when I am overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, sick, sad… still there is joy in my life, if only I know where to look for it. The food on my table. The rent that is paid. The love of my family. The love of my Saviour.”


Five Minute Friday: Mess

“… God reaches out to me in His infinite mercy and extends to me what I refuse to extend to myself – grace. He opens my eyes to see that mess accumulates on the table because my husband was home today and we spent time together rather than tidying up…”


Inspiration for Artists

On the day of his canonization (and that of John XXIII), I share some beautiful words from John Paul II’s “Letter to Artists”.

Five Minute Friday: Friend

“Sometimes God takes us through periods of loneliness. He walks with us, helping us rely more steadily on Him. But we are built for community. We are made in the image of a God who is Love, Family, Communion …”


“… I can’t help but think that her prayers are some of the most constant in our family life. I am grateful to be supported by a girl so poor in money and yet so rich in grace. She teaches me humility daily.”

Five Minute Friday: Glue

 “… No my darling child, I can’t promise you there won’t be pain, but I can promise you there will also be joy. I can’t vow to fix the problems, but I can vow to always try. I can’t stop the tears coming, but I can dry them for you.”

Lest I Forget

“… I allow myself to soak in this rhythm of love and life and grace. The to-do list beckons. The chores call out to me. The day pressures me to hurry, to get started. I smile. ‘One more minute,’ I say.”

Five Minute Friday: Paint

“… There is beauty everywhere. It hides in the crevices of this world, the details we cannot quite commit to film or canvas or songs. We can only reflect the beauty and glory of God.”


“… Sometimes we get so used to stale air, to stifling warmth, to putting on a mask in the morning, to our ‘not-always-comfortable-but-safe’ busy life, that we don’t even realize what we are missing out on.”


“… Rest has a thousand different faces. But it always re-energises and relaxes. It teaches you to go slow, enjoy the moment, to find grace in the everyday. It is something that God asks us to do, something He did Himself.”

The Little Things

 “… There are a million little things that I can be grateful for, and when I make the effort to notice them, I find myself happier, more hopeful, and more peaceful.”


“… This is not a race. Better by far that I take longer and really soak in the word of God, and let Him speak to me through it. You never know what I could miss if I didn’t!”

Dancing in the Rain

“… We all face storms in life. But at the end of the day, the storms themselves are rarely what really matters. It’s how we deal with them that truly strengthens and defines us.”

For the Grieving

A prayer for those who have lost a loved one.

“We Belong to Each Other…”

“… We are told in today’s society that we need to ‘find ourselves’ or become ‘sure of who we are’ before we can give of ourselves to another. But it is actually in the ‘gift of self’ that we truly discover who we are.”

‘Tis the Season

“… I love Christmas. I love the way people are. I love that once you cut through the ‘busyness’ and stress over presents and money, once you get past the frustration, you get a glimpse of what Christmas is really about.”

20 Things I’m Thankful For

Sharing some of the everyday grace and blessings in my life in celebration of Thanksgiving.

We Must Become Like Little Children

 “… We will dance just for the sake of it. We will laugh until it hurts. We will lie on fresh soft grass and count infinite stars. We will fly. We will dive into lawns full of delicate flowers that will lift us up. We will depend completely and beautifully on our Creator.”


Why Marriage, Motherhood and Ministry Will Never Complete You

“… even though we hate to admit it to ourselves, most of us are desperately seeking one or more of those things in order that we may be complete. The problem is, it’s never enough.”

For the Unemployed

A prayer for those who cannot find work.

Pushing the Boundaries

“… Before I know it, I’m knee-deep in sin and full of regrets. I risk my safety, my salvation, for something so small and momentary. But God gives me the grace to step back over the line.” 

The Grace of the Everyday

“… we know that when we remain close to God, and when we let our commitment be what drives our marriage over feelings and pride, we find true peace and holiness.”

Worth 1,000 Words…

“O blessed are those who fear the Lord and walk in His ways…”

Style Over Substance

 “… So here it is: I am not quite finished, as I suppose I never really will be, putting together this blog. But I am going to take the risk anyway, I am going to choose substance over style, and let God do the rest.”

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