Why It Has Been Quiet On Here…

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on here.

Life With Open Arms has not stopped, and I am slowly returning to it.

But there are two reasons why it has been especially quiet:

1) I have two children. Under two. It is tough. It’s great at times, but it is only just starting to feel manageable. It takes up far more of my time than having one did. I get a lot less time to write and plan and share. Which brings me to…

2) The little free time I have had over the last few months has mostly been taken up with a new project. One that has been morphing in my mind for a while, but which I only recently decided was worth the time and money it would need invested into it.

The “Food” section of this website has become a website of its own.

After two years of research, first-hand experience and sifting through more information and advice and recipes than is good for one person, I decided that what parents need in the wake of all the media frenzy about sugar is one place they can go to if they are thinking of cutting back on or quitting sugar as a family and aren’t sure where to begin.

I wanted to create a place where parents can find recipes, tips, advice, news and experience as they try and cut back on their own consumption of sugar, and try to lead by example to cut down their children’s consumption, too.


So, after a lot of work, research, shopping and excitement, Raising Sugar Free Kids has finally launched!

If you feel this is something you are interested in or could be helpful to you in any way, please do come visit the website, browse the recipes, and generally enjoy the starter content. There is much more to come!

And Life With Open Arms will be back soon, too! 🙂


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