Some Time To Think…

It has been very quiet on here since my 31 days of writing in October. I found that challenge very enjoyable, and I believe it did inspire my writing a little. Having said that, as I reached the final day I felt I had reached a concluding point that felt like a natural break. So, I decided to take a little time to think and pray about this blog and my vision for it at this time.

In the midst of this, my due date for our second baby came and went, and our beautiful son finally made his appearance 9 days late, born on Saturday 21st November at 7.27am. He was a hefty, healthy boy at 9lb 11oz!

Baby THe was born safely and naturally at home in a birthing pool, and the whole labour (after several days/nights of pre-labour) was only about 3 and a half hours. Both my husband and I could not believe how amazingly different homebirth was, and I would absolutely 100% do the same with any future children, as the experience was far far less painful (the only real “pain” felt was at the pushing stage), far quicker and just generally more relaxed. It was amazing to be able to get into my own bed with my new little boy and feel instantly comfortable, as well as completely alert due to lack of drugs. The recovery was much faster (I was showered, dressed and downstairs with family by the afternoon), and I was infintely more relaxed and peaceful, as is our calm little baby!

(Sidenote: If anyone is considering using a pool for birth, I cannot recommend it enough! Not only is the pain halved when you get in, but despite giving birth naturally to a very big baby, I had no stitches at all this time round!)

So as we enjoy our beautiful boy and our new experience of being a family of four, I have decided to take a step back from this blog for a little while. I will be focusing on my family and praying through my vision for Life With Open Arms (and potential other projects) in the coming months. I may pop on occasionally for some Five Minute Friday posts or if I feel particularly inspired, as I do love writing here so much, but my plan is to take a couple of months off from regular posting to refocus on family before returning to writing here.

I will miss it, and will probably be back soon as a result! May you all be blessed this Christmas and New Year.

Thank you to all you lovely loyal (and new!) readers, I do hope I will find you here again soon.



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