Why It’s Been Quiet On Here…

Hello all,

I realize that Life With Open Arms has been a little quiet as of late. I took an unplanned break from the blog after discovering we are pregnant with our second child! 🙂

Morning (or rather all-day) sickness and extreme fatigue have left me only just able to look after our 10-month-old between her naps, and then collapsing on the sofa while she sleeps. Because I suffer from fairly constant nausea in early pregnancy, it has a tendency to sap my creative energy, so I have simply not had either the energy or the inspiration to post in a little while.

PregnancyFortunately, I am now coming out of this period and am starting to put together some posts again! 🙂 I hope you will forgive me my little break, and will continue reading as I start to post again.

We are very excited (if a little exhausted!) about all the changes that are happening for us at the moment (as well as our new baby, we are currently in the process of planning a move to a different city in the summer and my husband will be starting a new job as of September!), and I hope that they will inspire me as I strive to pick up LWOA again.

Best wishes to you all,



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