Goals for 2015: February

The main focus in February (in my life in general as well as the blog) has been our sugar detox.

However, I have tried to keep pushing forward on some of my goals.

So let’s have a look at how I’m doing…

1. Master sourdough bread

Oh dear, I haven’t even attempted this again this month! But after a bit of research on different methods to find out why it hasn’t worked for me in the past, I have found two different recipes to try out. The first one I plan on attempting is the one that is most likely to work, simply because it is a Paul Hollywood one. Because I have yet to try one of his recipes and have it go wrong for me! I finally caved and bought his Bread book recently, after having it on my wish list for quite some time… It was less than a fiver (and is now only £5.99 new, or less used), so I figured it was worth it. And it really really was! Both my husband and I have been trying out some of the recipes in it, and the bread we’ve produced has always looked and tasted incredible. There’s a reason he is so famous for his bread – he’s earned it! The bloomer (made with half white, half wholemeal flour) has been a particular favourite for us both (and for G!).

Wholemeal Bloomer2. Make one wearable dress.

So far, I have got the measurements, read the instructions, and cut the shapes to the right dimensions. So not particularly far. I was planning on cutting the finished pieces from the material, but fortunately read the instructions first, which said to wash and iron the material beforehand. So that is done, too. Still, not a lot… But a little step like that each month and it might be finished by the summer! And that’s the whole point of this exercise – little steps. I am slightly dreading the actual sewing (hence the really tiny steps) because I currently don’t own a sewing machine. But part of my reason for doing this is to see if I am drawn to (and good at) sewing enough to warrant buying one. So I guess I’d better just grit my teeth and do it. Who knows, I may even find it therapeutic and enjoy it!

3. Have an end of the month family meeting.

We had this on Sunday and it was very very successful again. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by the impact it had on our spending/budget and were able to look at a couple of other things now that that area is a little more under control! There is still some progress to be made, however, so we have decided to curb credit card usage (even though we always pay if off by the end of the month) until our income is a little higher, because although we are careful we never get ourselves into debt with it, it’s still quite easy to forget you have used it unless you keep very very good track of it!

Dressmaking4. Deep clean and declutter one room a month.

Decluttering is going well – I’ve been focusing on the kitchen recently, and have managed to get rid of a number of things. It still has a way to go, but I hope if I can keep up decluttering one room a month then I can rotate them and get back to the kitchen in a few months and get rid of more! And deep cleaning sadly has yet to happen, but if we end up moving later this year as we plan to, there is going to come a point where it is going to have to be done!

5. Pick a Bible plan to work through, and memorize one verse of Scripture a month:

I’ve been trying to work through a few plans that spoke to me, and this turned out to be a mistake. As with books, I have a tendency to start too many at once and so not finish any! As a result, I am halfway through several plans, including:

“God’s Gift of Money: Devotions from Time of Grace”; “The 5 Love Languages” Reading Plan; Craig & Amy Groeschel’s “From This Day Forward”.

So my goal next month is to take each of these one by one and work through them.

And this month’s verse was:

 “Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.” – Proverbs 21:23

… something I really need to hear. A lot.

6. Start going to a Pilates class at least twice a month again:

I have not found a class yet that I feel I can go to with my daughter still so young and still breastfeeding. However, I have been asking around some friends to find out whether they are doing this and what they are doing with their babies during this time, and I have discovered a couple of postpartum classes locally where you can bring babies with you. So that’s hopefully what I will be able to do!

Well done mummy, you got a bit further!7. Complete the baby scrapbook I’ve been making for my daughter’s first year:

I have done a few more pages for this now, updating a Christmas page, her 6-month page and starting a section called “Quotes to Live By”. I’m really enjoying the creativity of this, as well as being able to do something for my daughter that she will hopefully be able to enjoy properly one day.

8. Make it away on a weekend or week away as a family, and as a couple, this year:

We made it away during February half-term with some friends, which was so so lovely. And now we are trying to plan a few days away just the three of us around Easter/May time, depending on when works best. And we have also arranged to go away with friends and family for a bit in the summer. So we are getting somewhere with this!

So overall, not an amazingly productive month, but I’ve managed to get a little bit further on most steps, which is after all the point! I may even manage them all by the end of the year at this rate… 😛



2 thoughts on “Goals for 2015: February

  1. Well done!
    And incidentally, those three bible plans are ones that I have just done too, though I haven’t completed the money one yet. Great minds 😉 x

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