Five Minute Friday: Share

**Five Minute Friday is an initiative set up by Lisa-Jo Baker over at Surprised by Motherhood. It has now been taken over by Kate over at Heading Home. The basic premise is to take the word Kate gives and write, non-stop for 5 minutes. Then you stop and post. Read more about it here.




The dreaded word. The one that so many of us spend our lives trying to hide from, run away from, cover up.

It’s become a dirty word, a scary word, an intimidating one.

So what is it we are so afraid of?

“Sharing is caring.” The childhood mantra that’s repeated to kids in trying to get them to share their toys is full of hidden depth.

Five Minute Friday - ShareBecause sharing really is caring.

Whether it is sharing feelings with our friends, food with the hungry, time with our families, our hopes and fears with those closest to us, our lives with our spouses, our whole being with God. All of these are not just the deepest, most beautiful displays of caring, but they are also our deepest desire.

The Enemy whispers to us that sharing will only get us hurt. It will get us in trouble. It will lessen us in some way. As if giving away means that we lose some part of ourselves.

But the truth is, it is in giving that we truly receive. In sharing that we discover who we are. In loving that we are fulfilled.

This is why we teach our children to share. But it should not be made to seem as a bad thing. No. It is something wonderfully precious.

It is something innately human.

It is something that glorifies God.



8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Share

  1. Hi FMF neighbor! I like your photo and your post because it reminds me of the beauty of sharing little moments with people…big and teeny tiny! Do you have a baby? I am the mom to two precious boys…now 5 and 8 years! I look forward to a visit next month from my sister and baby niece…so sweet those little hands next to ours. I imagine our Father the same…He’s so big…we are so tiny…yet he loves us so! Have a wonderful weekend! Jenn

  2. Stopping by from FMF. This right here is so true >>> “it is in giving that we truly receive.” May we give of ourselves, freely & generously! Grateful to be here this morning!

  3. What a great post! Yes, sharing is caring … and it perfectly illustrates the Upside-Down Kingdom of God: in giving, we receive. Thanks for sharing your gift here. I’m so glad I stopped by to meet you! Happy Friday!

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