The Foundations of our Marriage

Today is our two-year wedding anniversary!

As we’ve approached this special occasion, it’s got me thinking about what it is that keeps our marriage going.

We do not, by any standards, have the perfect marriage. We disagree. We resent. We hold grudges. We bicker. We push each other away.

But somehow, despite that, we love being married. Because we also laugh. We play together. We love each other. We spend quality time together. We are each other’s best friends.

As I thought more and more about the difficulties we’ve been through together and what it was about us as a couple that has got us (and is still getting us) through them, I felt compelled to share it with you all.

See, a lot of what keeps us together is thanks to the examples and advice of others around us. So I hope that I can give you a little of that in this series.

This second year of marriage has had higher highs and lower lows than we could possibly have expected. There are many things that could have broken us, caused us to drift apart.

So how have we not?

BreadThe number one answer to that question is unequivocally and undeniably: God. Without regular prayer and the gift of strong faith, we probably would not have made it.

But there are things we work on in order to do ‘our little bit’, too, knowing that God has (in His goodness) given us choices and opportunities to make our marriage good or bad.

As I lament the loss of Bake Off, indulge me in a little baking analogy…the way I see it, the keys to a good marriage can be compared to making a great loaf of bread: there are some key ingredients that occur every time, a lot of patience is needed, and the key is to bake it slowly and gently.

Lost me?

Don’t worry, my husband and I will be writing on these different ‘ingredients’ – the foundations of our marriage – over the coming weeks, to let you know a little of what makes it work. And please don’t think that these are things we have got ‘sorted’. It’s a work in progress. But then aren’t all marriages?


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