Natural Beauty: Coconut Body Butter

Natural Beauty**This post contains affiliate links. If you buy through these links you help support my family, so thank you! All opinions are my own.

I hope that you have enjoyed this “Natural Beauty” series. I have certainly had a wonderful time writing it! To read the other posts in this series, click on the links: Introduction, Homemade Lip Balm, Sea Salt Hair Spray, 2-Ingredient Body Scrub.

For my last post, at least for the time being, I wanted to share another new favourite ‘recipe’, if I can call it that, since it basically consists of only 1 ingredient!

As I said when I started this series, when paring down my bathroom cabinet initially, basically the only ‘beauty’ product I ended up with was coconut oil, which I had in my kitchen already. It is a natural moisturizer and worked wonders for my skin, but the texture (it hardens in colder weather and melts in the heat) made it sometimes a little difficult to store and use. That’s when I discovered a great secret during my search for natural beauty products to try out for this series: coconut oil as moisturizer works best when whipped.

Coconut Oil Body ButterThe consistency can still change a little, but on the whole it holds its shape much better, and I have found that having it in a little lotion travel bottle means that even if it has hardened slightly, all I have to do is squeeze the bottle in my warm hands a few times and I have moisturizer! And a very very good one. Much cheaper, much better for me, and much much more effective than some of the expensive ones I used to buy!

So here it is, the ‘recipe’ that isn’t really a recipe so much as an instruction:

Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter

From Village Green Network

1 cup coconut oil (make sure it is cooled so that it is hard, otherwise it won’t whip!)

1 tsp vitamin E oil/contents of 1 capsule (optional)

A few drops of your choice of essential oil (optional – I used lavender)

Container for the body butter (I used the lotion bottle in this set)


1. Whisk all ingredients on high speed with an electric beater (hand-held/stand) for 6-7 mins until it is a thick but airy consistency.

2. Decant into desired container.

Et voila!

Please CommentPlease let me know what you thought of this series, as I would love to try out further recipes, potentially even some homemade make up, if this is something you would like to read!


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