Where My Steps Will Take Me

The more I learn, research, read, delve into, explore, the more I realize my need for God.

In every area of my life, from marriage & parenting to blogging & art, I have come to realize that I can only do my little bit, and the rest is in His hands.

That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. I should. I should pray and rest with Him until I have the energy and strength to do my part, and then I should bring my achievements and failures alike back to Him, place them in His hands, and start the cycle again, trusting that I have done the little thing He asked, and He will do the rest.

Proverbs 16:9It’s so easy to get overwhelmed: by our own desires, by others’ needs, by information.

My heart wavers between a desire to do it all and a sense of being able to do nothing. But God reminds me that “every need is not my calling“. I realize how presumptuous it is of me to assume so.

“The Lord decides where my steps will take me”, He shows me where I should focus my attention at different points in my life, and I plan my way as best I can. Then I open my hands wide and watch in wonder as they overflow with His grace. It trickles through my fingers and flows through me and those around me.

In my planning, my research, my trying, I do a little good. I know it is worth doing. But it is in my praying, my resting, my trusting, that greatness happens.


3 thoughts on “Where My Steps Will Take Me

  1. Years ago I heard a wise man say there’s such a thing as the spiritual “no.” As in, “no, that I cannot, should not do, but thanks for asking.” There’s rest in that. So much, so many clamor for our attention. Great post, Claire.

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