#100HappyDays – Days 83 & 84

#100HappyDays - Days 83 & 84

One thing I have always loved about the Catholic Church is the many many positive role models and inspirations we find in the saints and those who lead us. I have made no secret on this blog of my great love of St John Paul II and his amazing contributions to our understanding of art, marriage, family, sexuality and identity.

Pope Francis is a very different (and yet in many ways, very similar) kind of Pope as John Paul II, and I am inspired by his words and actions daily. As I remember and write about the grace in the everyday, the simple things, and the importance of vision and where we look to in these moments, I am renewed and encouraged by these words he shared on Vatican Radio:

“Where is the firmness of our hearts? … Remember the many everyday events that we have: at home, at work, with our children, with people who live with us, with work colleagues, with everyone … Do I let myself get carried away by these things or face these events with a fixed heart, that knows where it is? The only one that gives firmness to our hearts is the Holy Spirit.

It would do us good to think that we have this great gift that Jesus left us, the Spirit of fortitude, of counsel, who helps us to move forward in the midst, surrounded by every day trials. We should do this exercise today, ask how our heart is: Firm or not? And if it is firm, where does it dwell? In things or in the Holy Spirit? It would do us good!”


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