Hearing His Voice

Our unborn baby has been kicking less randomly and more responsively recently. Baby moves towards taps, dances to familiar music and kicks excitedly when daddy speaks to him/her.

I love that last one, in particular. It is so beautiful to watch my husband rest his head on my expanding belly, speaking words of love in soft low tones, and feel Baby wriggle towards the sound. He/She doesn’t do it everytime for anyone but him. They love his voice and get excited about hearing it, listening intently and leaning into it when it appears. It’s Baby’s favourite part of the day.

Psalm 95:7-8Watching and feeling this special time, I can’t help but wonder if God made us to be like that with Him, too. What if our favourite time of day was the time spent in prayer listening for His voice, and excitedly leaning into it when we heard it? What if we knew and searched for His voice above all others?

Prayer is a responsive thing. We pray, we worship, we seek, as a response to our sin and His grace.

His voice can stir us up or calm us. It can guide us, strengthen us, love us.

But it’s hard for that to happen if we don’t listen for it, lean into it, and respond to it.

John 10:27-28May we hear His voice today, hear it speak to us of hope and peace and love. May we learn to recognize it above all others. May we dance in the rhythms of His grace and rejoice in the soft tones of His loving voice. May we lean into it and respond to it, to its particular calls for our life.

May His voice bring us joy today.


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