Motherhood is a Blessing

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a mother. But this was something that very few older women, as well as any of my peers, wanted to talk to me about. There was great interest in what job I might want to do, or where I might want to live, or what my education was like. But the thought that I might want to be a mother someday was not a popular discussion topic. It seemed almost shameful at times.

When society tells me now that my pregnancy is a biological process, that it is not a ‘real’ baby, sometimes even a problem to be solved or something to cause me worry, it becomes difficult to enjoy this blessed time.

I’m told countless stories of painful and complicated births, babies who never seem to learn how to sleep through the night, of crying, screaming, disobedience.

Nancy E TurnerMotherhood is difficult. It is probably the biggest sacrifice you will ever make. But I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by mothers who tell me some different stories, too.

They tell me about the laughter, the cuddles, the ‘only mum can fix this’ moments. They tell me of the smell of a newborn, the embrace of a toddler, the advice sought by their teens.

Howard M. HunterI watch them, these incredibly inspiring women, these saints-in-the-making, these nappy-changers, nose-blowers, cuddle-givers, tear-wipers, life-changers.

These women are doing something amazing. They are shaping lives. They are changing the world.

So if one day you want to be a mother, don’t be ashamed of that. Share it with those closest to you, you may be surprised by how many share your desire. If you feel bad for ‘just’ being a mother, don’t! You are doing the most rewarding and beautiful thing you could ever do. If you are pregnant and struggling to connect with your baby, take heart. You are embarking on something huge and holy, enjoy it and soak in it.

Psalm 127:3Mothers (past, present and future), what you do matters. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And if you need a little more encouragement today, listen to Lisa-Jo Baker‘s beautiful and inspiring words:

**Lisa-Jo Baker’s book, Surprised by Motherhood, is out now!

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3 thoughts on “Motherhood is a Blessing

  1. Motherhood is awesome. It’s hard work yes, but so is anything worthwhile, and the rewards blow your mind daily. Also I see it as the most direct way to build the kingdom- with family, investing in a life and speaking life and truth over that person from the word go. Amazing gift and responsibility. Xxx

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