It’s Finally Here!

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The Ultimate Homemaking BundleSo, you’ve heard me rave about it generally, about its amazing price, and about a couple of the books you can get from it. And now it is finally here! 🙂

Don’t regret it like I did last year. Don’t miss out on $900 worth of products and bonuses for only $29.97 (£17.88). You only have until April 28th, so what are you waiting for?

And for an extra $10 ($39.97, or £23.80), you can also get most of the ebooks in Kindle format. I have to admit I went straight for this one. 🙂

I’ve got mine now, and I’ve already used enough of it to justify the price (and that’s only about 3% of it!). What amazing and inspirational writers there are out there!

So, are you ready?




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