Book Review: The Cherished Home

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In The Cherished Home, Mary Clendenin sets out a beautiful vision: creating intentional happy memories and a home where family are cherished. She walks us through the process of achieving this in an easy-to-read, practical method which I love.

Mary helps you to shape a clear vision for your family, and then insists:

“So, starting today…be intentional in your home and family. Eliminate what needs letting go of. This takes courage…it really does, especially when everyone is doing this or that and you don’t want your family to miss out.

What is the final goal for YOUR family? Not everyone else’s family…your family…your gift from God.”

I have found this to be immensely helpful. We are still working through the implications of our vision as a family, and especially being intentional about practicing it! But creating a family vision has helped us have a clearer idea of what our callings as individuals and as a family might be. And Mary’s book gives me the encouragement to live it out. Her plea is simple:

“Make time for fun, relaxation and memory making time in your home. The kids really want time with you. They may not say it or let you know. They just want time.”

It’s the same with marriage, I have found. Sometimes all you need is to remind yourself of your priorities and know that time spent together is not time wasted. That it strengthens your relationship and is a large part of your calling in life. Probably the biggest!

Mary also speaks of the importance of making our physical homes a haven. A place where our family wants to be.

“Home. This should be a shelter from the busy world. A place of comfort and rest. It should be a place where your family can relax and not be stressed out. It is a place that I want my family to love and to be happy at home. It is important to create a loving atmosphere and make our home a haven. How do we do that?”

It can be such a struggle to stay on top of a seemingly never-ending list of ways to make your home a place of rest, but Mary gives simple, easy ways to create this without it feeling like an extra burden, varying from the more practical de-cluttering elements to making time for laughter and “fighting for your family” through prayer.

This book is a joy to read. It is separated into short easy sections that make it easy to dip in and out of, and gives practical and not-overwhelming advice on how to create a “cherished home”.

If you are lacking that feeling of your home being a “place of comfort and rest” but are not sure where to start, this is the book for you.

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