Five Minute Friday: Glue

**Five Minute Friday is an initiative set up by Lisa-Jo Baker over at Surprised by Motherhood. The basic premise is to take the word Lisa-Jo gives and write, non-stop for 5 minutes. Then you stop and post. Read more about it here.



To my dear unborn child,

This world you are coming into is painful. It is beautiful. It will cause you hurt. It will bring you joy. It will try to crush your spirit. And it will shape you ever more into your wonderful self.

GlueThere will be hard days. I wish I could tell you there wouldn’t be. Those will be the days when you feel like you are crumbling, like your world is cracking, and your heart is breaking. I cannot protect you from that, and that brings tears to my eyes and sadness to my soul.

But I can promise you that there will also be good days. There will be days full of love and laughter. Those will be the days when you are pieced back together, when you feel like you are flying, and your soul sings out a hymn of praise and thanksgiving.

No my darling child, I cannot promise you there won’t be pain, but I can promise you there will be joy as well. I cannot vow to always fix the problems, but I can vow to always try. I cannot stop the tears from coming, but I can be there to dry them.

GlueBut in the end, as much as it pains me to admit it, I cannot be the glue that holds you together. I can pick up the pieces and I can re-arrange them back into the beautiful unique ‘you’ that I will know inside-out, but if I want the pieces to stick, to stay, to re-form, then I must surrender those broken pieces to God.

Because God is the glue that holds us as individuals, and as our family, together.

And as hard as it may be for me some days, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Mum x


Five Minute Friday


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Glue

  1. Mum, This was beautiful and so true. Congratulations on the upcoming birth. Just from reading your writing you will be a wonderful Mom. Stopping by from FMF. Many blessings!

  2. I love your beautiful picture showing your baby belly. Blessings and prayers for your remaining pregnancy! You already have so much insight on motherhood. Some things in my family seem like they are crumbling right now, and this 5 minute Friday made me realize (even though I already knew it) that *I* am not the glue, God is. I’m such a “do-er” that I forget that!

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