12 Days to Go…

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I am very excited.

You all know how much I love reading, don’t you? And I’m sure you’ve got an idea by now of the team of amazing bloggers out there who I deeply, deeply admire.

Well, the two are about to join together in something I massively regret missing out on last year: The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

I saw this advertised on so many blogs last year, and I genuinely wanted to buy it myself, but I let it pass me by, and have since wished time and time again that I hadn’t!

When else do you get the chance to browse through an amazing library of 78 ebooks, audio files and printables worth $698 (that’s £416.66 to you UK-based readers) for only $29.95 (£17.88)?!

I have been browsing in excitement through the list of contributing authors – I actually own and have used again and again several ebooks by some of these authors, but the bundle is such a complete and utter bargain that I am still going to buy it in full this year, because I still save money even if I double up on a few ebooks (that’s how good this deal is!).

There are ebooks, audio files and printables on everything from practical meal-planning and recipes to hospitality, scripture, marriage & motherhood, and so much more.

Don’t regret missing out on this like I did – the offer is only available for 6 days starting on April 23rd! Over £400 worth of material for £17? Count me in! 🙂


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