“Don’t Fear Fat”

This morning I watched a trailer for what looks to be a very interesting documentary called “Cereal Killers”. You’ve heard me talk of the importance of ‘real foods’ and the importance of consuming full-fat products before, but I just wanted to point your attention towards this film, which looks to be a very informative project.

Donal was interviewed this morning on British television, and was stressing the importance of avoiding processed foods in favour of ‘real’ ones, as well as the importance of consuming less carbohydrates and making sure what we do consume is ‘whole’ and not processed (white). The diet he follows in this programme is reminiscent of the “Paleo” diet (although it does contain some carbohydrates) and is primarily consistent of good, full fats and fruit/vegetables.

I hope you find this informative and helpful. I am now off to watch it in full myself!


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