The Little Things

So I’ve signed myself up for something you may have seen making the rounds online: the 100 days of happiness challenge.

There are many motivations for this for me, but as my husband and I are trying to sort through the maze of emotions that is the crazy combination of bereavement and pregnancy, it feels like a particularly good time for me to start the challenge.

Job 8:19I wrote a while back about the need to notice the everyday grace in our lives, and this is something I feel that God has been leading me back to again and again over the last few years. When in the midst of grief, unemployment, tight budgets, busy weekends, and fear, it can be so hard to see the good things, the blessings of the everyday.

And yet when I am intentional about noticing them, suddenly they seem to be everywhere. From the music on the radio while I’m washing up yet more dishes, to the flowers sitting on the piano that my husband brought home ‘just because’, and the soft soothing purr of a cat curled up in my lap as I try to still my soul enough to pray… There are a million little things that I can be grateful for, and when I make the effort to notice them, I find myself happier, more hopeful, and more peaceful.

Tobit 13:14So everyday, for 100 days, I will be posting an image (might be tricky as I don’t have a camera phone!) on Facebook, and on here, of something that has made me happy that day. I hope that it will help me to notice the everyday graces more, and that it will inspire you to do the same.

"Happy" by Pharrell WilliamsWhat about you? Do you find it easy to get bogged down in the everyday and long for bigger and better things? Do you find focusing on the little things helps you? What are some little things that make you happy? Will you join the 100 Happy Days challenge?

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