Dancing in the Rain

Anyone who has tuned into British news recently will have heard the stories of floods and more and more storms to come. Most of us will have experienced it firsthand. We sit here at the mercy of rain, weather forecasters, governments and insurance companies, and desperately look for people or things to blame or seek help from.

As I sit and watch the rain and wind pounding on my windows, I feel like the weather reflects a less literal storm in my life at the moment. When I think on the times when my life has been stormiest, I cannot help but smile knowingly at the old expression: “It never rains, but it pours.”

Matthew 8:23-27What is funny though, is that those times, the hardest in my life, have been some of the most defining moments. They have brought me where I am today. They have strengthened my relationships and formed me. Cancer, bereavement, depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, loneliness…

We all face storms in life. But at the end of the day, the storms themselves are rarely what really matters. It’s how we deal with them that truly strengthens and defines us.

Whistler, Buffy the Vampire SlayerAs I write, light breaks through the clouds. I cry out, He responds. Every time it feels like He has been sleeping for a long time, but He asks why I did not believe He would rescue me before now. Why did I ever think He’d let me drown?

Storms come and go in our lives, but God remains. No matter what season of life we find ourselves in, we have a reason to praise, to give thanks, to sing. We have a reason to dance. And sometimes, that is all we need…

Vivian GreeneWhat about you? Are you in a stormy season in your life? Have you been trying to fix it all yourself? Do you truly believe He will get you through this time?

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