For Such a Time as This (Guest Blog)

 Today I am guest posting over at For Such a Time as This about what it means to me to be a 21st century Christian woman.

Claire - Life With Open ArmsI have a confession to make. Actually, I had one to make a few years ago. It was something I was deeply ashamed of, so much so that for many years growing up, I hid it even from myself. But God led my heart to see it, and I said to Him: “thanks, but no thanks”, hoping that it might go away. But the desire grew, and I started to realise this truly was something big. A calling.

It cost me a lot to confide it to a few of my closest friends at university, but the reaction I got blew me away. Not only did they not judge me, but these beautiful, modern, strong Christian women actually confessed to wanting the same thing! I started to tell more and more friends, and although many did not agree quite so readily, I was amazed to find that they respected me for it, and that there were a lot of young women who felt the same, but were equally ashamed of it or thought it impossible.

Today, I share it readily with people, even those I know little, although it still sometimes costs me, and some people disagree and even judge so strongly I start to feel a little of that shame again…

So, here goes…

I want to be a stay-at-home-wife and mother.

If you would like to read my guest post in full, head on over to For Such a Time as This.


3 thoughts on “For Such a Time as This (Guest Blog)

  1. Join the club Claire!! I can’t wait! And I think we should be proud of it! No matter what people say, being a mum at home is a real job…and if it is what you’d like to do, then go for it! 😉

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