Happy New Year

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break.

We were off all over the place seeing family and generally enjoying some quality time with loved ones.

But there was something else special about this Christmas period. Something that may explain to you why Life With Open Arms has been a little silent of late…

Yesterday, we took home this picture from the hospital down our road:

Baby Wright!Yes, it would seem we are officially a family of three. 🙂

And as it turns out, pregnancy? Not easy. In fact, very very hard! I have been struggling to write on the blog for the last three months as I battled every possible feeling of nausea, dizziness, complete lack of concentration, crippling fatigue and inability to eat well (I’m afraid the 80/20 rule has been more of a 50/50 one of late as I’ve struggled to cook, meal plan, or shop!).

So I am thanking God as I emerge from my first trimester hibernation (quite literally, as I was under a duvet for at least 2/3 of it!), and starting to feel close to normal again.

And, seeing your baby for the first time? Well, that helps! Especially when they are healthy, happy and wriggling away!

So happy new year everyone, and I look forward to getting back into Life With Open Arms as I regain some normal sense of self and as our family embarks on this next big adventure!

Claire x


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