We Must Become Like Little Children

There’s something so freeing about letting your inner child out.

Piggy-back riding down a hill full of wheat stalks.

Running down a dusty path, arms spread like you intend to fly.

Climbing and swinging in the autumn trees.

Giggling over the little, foolish things.

The more I think of it, the more I think that whatever our bodies will look like when we are in heaven, our spirits within them will be those of little children.

We will dance just for the sake of it. We will laugh until it hurts. We will run through fields of wheat. We will lie on fresh soft grass and count infinite stars. We will fly. We will float. We will dive into lawns full of delicate flowers that will lift us up towards the endless sky. We will depend completely and beautifully on our Creator.

We Must Become Like Little ChildrenWe will walk on water, surfing the ebb and flow of the tides. Our feet will sink into soft warm sand. We will sing simple songs of great beauty and joy, joining in with the symphony of creation. We will ride lions and tigers, our fingers gripping to buttery, soft, delicate fur.

We will hop from star to star, exploring entire constellations in the bat of an eye. We will gather around a fire to share food, fables and friendship. We will see no divisions between saints. We will trust everyone with innocent faith.

Our imaginations will be tangible, our limits non-exist, our praise constant, and our family all-encompassing.

When we let our childlike glee run the moment, when our inner child becomes our outer hero, we get a glimpse, although ever so tiny, of the joy of heaven.

These are the moments when memories are made, friendships are forged, families are fortified, and heaven is on the horizon.

Matthew 19:14May we never forget to live in the moment, as children so readily do. May we dance, run, laugh, shout, sing, just because we want to. We will undoubtedly make our own day, and will probably make someone else’s, too.

What about you? Do you have people in your life who bring out your childlike side? Do you feel a sense of freedom in those moments? What is your image of heaven?

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