A Word About Wholefoods – Where It All Started…

A Word About Wholefoods series**Welcome to the “A Word About Wholefoods” series. Links to the other posts in the series will be added to the bottom of this page as they are published.

A couple of years ago, I started reading blogs.

I had recently got engaged, and my fiancé and I were pouring our hearts and energy into marriage prep in all different shapes and sizes.

As someone who, upon encountering a new situation, reads, I ordered as many books as I could on the subject of marriage – spiritual, practical, workbooks, whatever I could lay my hands on. But, while many of these books were useful to me (I will share some of them at a later date!), what was probably the biggest help and encouragement was stumbling across an online community of Christian wives and mothers. These women (Leigh Ann and Nikki, Jami, Stacy, and many others) inspired and motivated me, and they offered a perspective that I felt I could relate to.

Although I initially turned to these blogs for guidance and inspiration on marriage, there were a couple of things I gained from the websites that I didn’t expect to really be won over by…one of these was living on a wholefoods (or real foods) diet.

A Word About Wholefoods

My journey through understanding wholefoods, budgeting, meal planning, once-a-month freezer cooking, slow-cooking, and various other key aspects has been a steady learning curve over the last year. I cannot even pretend to be an expert, but I have researched it as best as I can and have been working through implementing it on a tight budget during our first year of marriage, so I feel I at least have a little to offer on the subject!

I have managed to create healthier versions of favourite recipes, and learned how to do it frugally and speedily. I have watched our health improve, our energy boost, and our bank account breathe a sigh of relief.

This series is supposed to guide you through the process that I went through, and hope that you will also be inspired by the amazing impact it has on your life!

So watch this space, as on a (hopefully!) weekly basis, there will be posts and recipes coming. 🙂

Wholefoods Series:

Claire’s Top 5 Tips for Switching to a Wholefoods Lifestyle

A Word About Sugar

Does Meal Planning Really Help?

What is Once-A-Month Cooking?

Tricks and Tips for Converting Recipes

**The below links were really helpful to me when I started on the wholefoods journey. I hope they will be helpful to you, too.

Useful Links:

Intentional By Grace – My Journey Into Natural Living and Better Health

Stacy Makes Cents – Wholefoods Recipe Index

Young Wife’s Guide – Real Food on a Budget Series

Young Wife’s Guide – Real Foods Explained


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